The Best Halal Items Found in Supermarkets

We keep a zabihah halal household, so we’re very particular about what kind of items we buy and what the ingredients are. We’re constantly reading ingredient lists and making sure there’s no gelatin, whey and “natural flavoring” that we can’t identify.

I can easily go to the Pakistani grocery store and get halal items, but I get excited when I find halal items in my regular supermarket! There are some AMAZING certified halal items out there. Here are some of my faves!

You all know I love a good homemade stock, but in a pinch, I keep Saffron Road Chicken Broth in my cabinet. It’s great for when you need to make a quick soup, gravy or sauce! I also like that it’s low sodium, so I don’t have to worry about salt levels too much.



Other Saffron Road items that are a staple in our home? Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Biryani frozen meals. And no, it’s not for me. My daughter hates sandwiches (I told you they were spoiled) and lunch for school is such a pain. Often, she’ll take leftovers to school in a thermos, but in a pinch, she warms up these meals and puts them in her container. She loves them and they’re easy enough to “prepare” that she can do it herself. I limit her to one per week, so she’s not having them everyday. I’m lucky that I found it in my local supermarket, so I can purchase them easily.


Halal Marshmallows! I was super surprised when I saw these in ShopRite. My aunt was telling me how my cousin loves marshmallows but couldn’t find halal ones locally.  Rice Krispie Treats anyone?



Cabot Cheeses are the BEST! I use them for taco/nacho night in our house.

From Cabot:

“All Cabot cheeses, with the exception of Colby Jack, Shreds, Slices (including American), 3/4-ounce Bars and Cubes are certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America and by Tablet K. Cabot cheeses are free of all animal by-products, and are made without any animal rennet.”

Cabot Cheese is wonderful because it’s so readily available. Often, we have to be careful with cheeses because they can contain rennet or whey, which we cannot eat.


Now I want tacos….


I’m so excited to see Muslim buying power at work in traditional supermarkets. I think this is going to open the door for more halal and Muslim-owned brands!

Did I miss any major brands? Tell me in the comments!



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