The Kitchen is the Soul of a Home

Gathering in the kitchen is a typical pastime for women across all cultures. I know whenever I need to have a talk with my mom, it’s usually in the kitchen when she’s cooking. She has a stool that I can sit on and just chat with her about anything. I also know that it’s a great place to have a private conversation because no one else will really come in there!

I truly believe every kitchen should be beautiful, with small touches that reflect personal style. I found adorable printables from this site that I used to add some color to my kitchen. I printed them on 8.5″ x 11″ glossy photo paper and just taped them to the wall. You can always get a cute frame and hang them for a more elegant effect.

Every kitchen needs a comfy stool to sit on. Especially when mom needs a break and wants to sit for a few minutes! I love this stool from Target because it’s really beautiful and the seat is comfortable! Plus, it’s not too big, so it can be taken from room to room as needed. And if your Big Pakistani Family is anything like mine, you’ll definitely need extra seating from time to time!

These stools are the perfect height and oh so comfy!


A really good way to make some quick and cheap updates are peel and stick tiles. I know, I know, you’re hesitating. Please don’t! I purchased these tiles for a quick update in my bathroom, and THEY LAST! Seriously, they don’t move! And it looks really beautiful. I’m planning on getting more for my kitchen, for the wall on the side of the stove. Because if you cook like I do, there’s probably grease on there. Which I hate. These are easy to wipe clean!

Stick on tiles
It might not look special, but it really is!


Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE peacocks. It’s an obsession. Really. That’s why I love these peacock magnets! They add that little bit of pizazz to the fridge and they are small. I hate large magnets, so these 2″ x 2″ are perfect for hanging another picture on the fridge.



What are some of your favorite ways to add personal touches to your kitchen?


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